Lt.Bhavana Kasturi First lady Officer to lead Male Contingent At The 71st Army Day Parade

First Lady Officer to lead Army Contingent

Lt. Bhavana Kasturi of the Army Services Corps (ASC), a commissioned officer of the Indian Army, said, “This is the first time ever that a lady officer is leading a contingent. Earlier, never has a lady officer has led a jawan’s contingent at any large ceremonial parade.” For the first time in the history of the Indian Army, Lt. Bhavana Kasturi, a lady officer is leading an army contingent in the 71st Army Day parade to be held on 15th January 2019. This will break the glass ceiling, a woman officer will lead a contingent of 144 army personnel in the Army Day parade.
However, in 2015 at the Republic Day parade, lady officers from all the three services led their respective contingents with 148 personnel each from the Indian Army, Navy and the Indian Air Force.
Every year Army Day is celebrated on 15th January in India in recognition of Field Marshal KM Cariappa’s (then a Lt General) taking over as the first Indian Commander – in – Chief of the Indian Army from General Sir Francis Butcher, the last British Commander – in – Chief of India on 15 January 1949.
On this day the Indian Army gives a salute to all the valiant soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect the country and its people.

Feeling proud of being a woman, this shows the acceptance of womanhood by one of India’s prestigious organisations, the Indian Army. Truly, what a change and evolution of humanity.
The year 2019 will scrap away gender barriers. Women like Lt. Kasturi have become a role model and inspiration for others, add value to our community and improve the lives of others.
It is one more feather in the cap for woman officers in the Indian Army. Not only Lt. Bhavana but also Captain Shikha Surabhi who is slated to lead the Army’s Daredevil Motorcycle team. This display team will have 33 personnel who will ride nine motorbikes in a pyramidal structure.
To its credit, it has won 24 world records and will be participating in the Republic Day Parade as well.

Its a matter of pride and honour for our country. Today the women can serve in every field and in any position.
Their support and strength and sacrifice count for the Army as well as for the country.
Women hailing from all the cultures and regions of our country have overcome many hurdles to soar in the sky. It is a very courageous thing to join the Armed Forces. Fighting fear and serving our motherland.
She is MA DURGA and is always ready with her valour and prowess.
Women have proved that there is nothing called a man’s job. With grit, self determination and sacrifice, she can accept any challenge.
With vigorous training and emotional strengthening, today women are working shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts. They come out as brave heroes who are prepared to die for this country. Now these brave heroes have painstakingly inspired others. They have paved a path for their peers and the coming generations.
Indian women are creatimg history in every field and continue to overawe us with greater triumphs of their powerful identity.
The male dominated bastions are gradually crumbling and are accepting women on equal footing. They have saluted these women in uniform for their dedication and bravery. A day will come when we may use the term, sister – in – arms for these elite troops as equal to brother – in – arms to serve togehter in the battlefield.
Although the path chosen is tough, but Indian women have proved themselves, that they have the spirit, determination, strong willpower, hardwork and courage to make themselves as well as India proud.


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“*You are more powerful than you know;
You are beautiful just as you are”
Melissa Etheridge

Every woman is beautiful inside. She just needs to realise this. And after knowing this, she will continue to grow and expand as she allows her wings to soar.

The good thing is, when you realise you are beautiful, it becomes your first step towards harnessing the power within you.

The BEAUTY of womanhood is that, women are blessed with a nurturing force. Not only they create life but also they incubate it and deliver it to the world, notwithstanding the immense pain inside her.

In being strong inside, one can change the her way of life – growing and developing one’s own life as she choose it to be. Creating paths, rather than letting others to decide what sort of life one will have. With determination and willpower one can do wonders.
Speaking up for themselves is one of the keys to becoming strong. It is this important skill that motivates one to lead a life of one’s own choice and to become the best woman that one can be.

When you pursue dreams you have to speak up to achieve your goals.That’s what makes you beautiful .

People often try to dissuade us from reaching our goals but a strong woman will overcome every hurdle to make herself a rainbow of life.

Being strong makes you beautiful .

Mother Teresa was a lady that we all adore for her selfless love and caring for the poor. She embraced all and did small things with great love and beauty to serve the people. She inspires us to live for others, to spread love and kindness.

Being beautiful is having a kind heart to bestow love for others to be an inspiration to the world.

When I was younger, I watched the Miss Universe beauty pageant where Ms Sushmita Sen was asked:-

What is the essence of being a woman?

She was able to conquer the universe with her instantaneous and prudent answer, empowering thousands of other beauties who need to breathe. She answered,

Being a woman by itself is a gift of the God that all of us should appreciate, the origin of a child is a mother and is a woman. Woman is one who shares love with men and teach that what love, caring and sharing is all about.”

It was 24 years ago. Her inspirational thoughts changed my views regarding the definition of a beautiful woman.

She writes poetry. Well, she basically weaves magic with her words. After reading them I thought to pen down my own thoughts. It inspired me during those days to write poetry. I was in school and I started my journey of writing, which I still do to express my emotions.

Last year, I had to leave my much loved teaching job due to our transfer. I felt suffocated and stuck up at this new place. However, the passion of writing again motivated me to chase my dreams – a new path indeed. It was a doorway to live my life with a disarming smile from the depth of my heart .

There are a lot of inspiring personalities in my list. These are beautiful people who are working dedicatedly to make a mark and are inspiring others.

At home my life was full of challenges

**My Mother* – *an angel on Earth.**

Since I am very close to my mother, she is also my inspiration in life. As she sacrificed so much to make us stand on our feet. Life grappled us with many problems but she stood by us everytime we needed her.
Losing my Dad to a deadly Cancer – our world was suddenly broken. Only because of her patience and dedication that we are, where we are today. We means, my brother and myself. She has the highest respect and love in my heart. How she raised both of her children, protected us like a bird, taking care of her chicks, giving warmth when our spirits were low and till today, being our ” *Rock* “.
It is her wisdom of ages which we carry in our heart today to make our world beautiful. She is a reflection of unconditional love, power, beauty and inspiration for us. Being a single mother, she fought with the world whenever needed and protected us.

As we stand today, I find myself totally dedicated and steelily determined towards my work through the doldrums of my life, all thanks to her.

My *mother – in – law,* is a retired headmistress of a Government school. I am fortunate to have her in my life. She was awarded the best teacher award. She harvests the simple things in life, nourishing pure minds with a golden heart that beats for her loved ones. She is a hardworker and dedicated teacher supporting her family in every way. Doing household chores with her job was a difficult thing that she achieved gracefully with a smile.
Her pleasant aura makes a bond of love with everyone and creates a positivity in the surroundings.

Both beautiful ladies are inspirational and example of true beauty in my life.

She adores me, as I continue to be in her profession, i.e. a *Teacher*. I am grateful for this and I proved to be one of those few fortunate individuals with two moms who get love unconditionally with all my flaws and faults. Their strengths and beauty and love has made me who I am today.

Being a teacher I intend to share my pearls of wisdom with the young ones, inspiring them to live a life of love and courage never bogged down by life’s challenges, take time out to celebrate “YOU” because you are the most beautiful creature on this EARTH.

When I care for them, teach them I feel a completeness. I thank God sometimes for giving me a beautiful soul inside to nurture and give others and feel content.

Giving to the society selflessly is another way of being beautiful heartily!

When I googled the meaning of beauty it showed the result as a combination of qualities such as shape, colour or form that pleases the aesthetic sense, specially the sight.

But is looking physically attractive enough to accept someone as beautiful?

A fair, pretty, tall lady with willowy hair, having a great figure with whole make up, eye lashes, high heels and gown look. Is that all what beautiful means?

A woman is beautiful when she chases her passions, shows compassion with all her intelligence and with a fun loving spirit. She keeps a sense of adventure, never giving up to ebb and fear having tons of confidence to ignite and spark everything around her.

These days, beautiful for teenagers means taking selfies, making pouts, filtering them every minute and unloading them on social sites to collect likes and comments. They measure their self worth and grade themselves accordingly. Hundred of “likes” on a picture would make them blush, whereas no like would demoralise them to the pits.

In the long run this behaviour is probably unhealthy and it would have an adverse impact.

True Beauty doesn’t need any “tags” or “likes’ – it will speak for itself. If teenagers would arm themselves with knowledge it would be their greatest strength and true beauty.

Some woman cherish their looks every moment. If they find a blemish or wrinkle or a flaw it creates a panic situation and they knock the doors of a good plastic surgeon or a dietician or a workout guru.

True Beauty doesn’t come from looking at the mirror with a lipstick tube or a mascara wand or a blush brush , BEAUTY comes from looking deep inside oneself and their heart .

I believe every woman has TRUE BEAUTY within her in all the roles she plays. For over 18 years across 650 plus salons across the country, Naturals has been helping the Beautiful Indian Woman get more Beautiful.

Today Naturals Salutes the Beautiful Indian Woman.

Presenting Naturals TRUE BEAUTY…

External appearance is for the time being. Inner beauty of a person counts more with growing age.

Don’t get bamboozled by the society’s impression of what a woman should look like. Being beautiful includes well equipped with knowledge. It includes having a good personality as well as having great spirituality.
Walk gracefully with a smile and confidence.

Treat yourself like a queen. Find a reason to fall in love with yourself everyday, admire yourself. You are valuable. You are lovely. Feel it, fondle it, kiss it, frolick in it. Every single day – you are Awesome! You are beautiful!


I am a December born Queen… which means it is a very special month for me. Lots of unconditional love from my mother but a pinch of extra topping of cherry on cake always delights me more!
Viola!! my heart goes on…pouring tons of hugs & kisses. It is a month we got married … 18 years of togetherness … so celebrations for my family and me!
This is the month, I came into the world in my mother’s lap.
A month when I left home from her lap too, with teary eyes and accepted another world (as each girl does) indeed, with new hopes and joys.
The words I, Me and You ceased to matter individually, when life became about us.
So, looking forward for ever more happiness, laughter and a healthy life ahead.

Happy Yesterday!!

Tomorrow is the day
When I will think today as
A happy yesterday.
I will look back
at it with smiles.
Once it is no longer
responsible for my styles.
I will think today was good
wishing that I was still standing where I stood.
Today will be in the past
and its problems will not seem so vast.

Nostalgia will make me like now
when I am no longer in it, I do vow.
Or perhaps it will just be an appreciation
of my life’s station.

It will seem like it was great
once this time is late
For then, new problems will have overtaken me
and these are the ones I will then see
As the part of trouble
something that burst the bubble

All today’s rain
will have filtered down the drain
or how I will beam
it does seem
when I look upon today
as a happy yesterday.

Are There Angels

It said there are angels
in heavens above.
and they shine with the light
of an inner love.
of these things I had not a clue
But that was before I found you
For in you I have found
a love that is so right
it shines all around
with the brightest of light.
It comes from somewhere so deep within
that it has no beginnings and knows no end.
Your love is a light
that brightens each day
of all the people
you see on your way.

Wherever you are or whatever you do
all see the love that you have inside you
That God sent you here
to a place where you had be
sharing such love
with someone like me
is proof for me
that angels exist and are filled with a love
that no man could resist
I thank God each day for finding the time
For looking down on me and making you mine
So yes! There are angels
in heavens above

I know because God
sent me one to love

Hacking Into Happiness

With the morning sun, Nupur jogged briskly, running around in rounds. It was the third round. “Come on Nups! Let us sit here for our yoga session!” Adi said removing all the thoughts that were dwelling in his mind. They sat near the fountain where the water fell. The ivory white water splashed down with swooshing sound, splashing down the marble structure. Fresh, windy, cool and crispy air started whistling around. Birds were tweeting their morning melodies. The trees were swaying with the wind, dancing to welcome the morning. Their green leaves were whispering in chatter about the day’s plan. And the green grass looked as if someone had spread a green bedsheet. The green bumble bees swarmed up in the air searching for sweet honey. The colourful cute butterflies, filtering around aromatic flowers. “Morning seems so self calming, Sweetheart”, said Nupur.
“Yes honey! Look at the golden sun! It is looking as if a baby has started painting the dark pristine blue sky into a faint orange hue with the sunrise. Everything is so beautiful to start the day …!”

“Wow! I can see the happiness in your eyes. You know Nups, we have four hormones in our body which are responsible for our happiness.
Happiness does not depend on material or money. Sometimes body releases endorphins. As we exercise, Nups, the body releases the endorphins to cope up with the pain and fear of exercising. It makes us happy and we enjoy doing exercise. See, both of us enjoying our session here. I think you are understanding these issues. 30 minutes of exercise daily is needed so that to get our daily dise of endorphins. Daily we do lots of work big or small and people. We feel happy. Didn’t you feel happy when Mrs Roa gave you an assignment? An opportunity to work and we all acknowledged. You felt good as Dopamineis released. Mostly our homemakers are sad as their household work is not noticed many a times. Nups, you can imagine why ladies are so happy with shopping. Dopamine hormone makes us feel happy.”

“Being a doc’s wifey is so good in every shop we get good shot of advices.
Tell me about the other hormones too…”

“Nups, when we do some good work for the society or an act of kindness, it releases Serotonin. Providing useful information, writing blogs, answering people’s questions on facebook, generates Serotonin. So Nups, darling when you write articles or blog which is useful to the society, Serotonin is released.”

“Thats nice dear! And I really want to hug you for this piece of information!”

“And then, Oxytocin is released when we come close to each other. We kiss, or hug, shake hands, put arms around oir shoulders, various amounts of oxytocin is released.Now, you can understand why we need to hug a child who is in a bad mood.”

“Oh wow! My love! You make my life simple. Everytime I sit with you, exercise daily to get Endorphine. We have to finish up our goals and get Dopamine. Being nice to others to get Serotonin. Finally love our kids, families and friends to get Oxytocin. So we will be happy and when we are happy we deal with challenges efficiently and we make a happier world around us.”

“Yes sweetheart! Lets start our day to make our world happier.”

A bunch of kids were passing by. They were running with frisbee in their hand. Some of them stopped beside Adi and Nupur quizzically asked, “Hello Aunty! Hello Uncle! How are you today?” In reply, Adi waved back at them. Adi and Nupur watched the unadulterated laughter and joy of these children as they played with the frisbee. The kids had tremendous infectious energy and were moving as if they were playing to some unheard rhythm. Adi and Nupur wanted to join in the rhythm of the energy and be kids once more!

Adi kissed Nupur’s forehead and they both started their yoga session.