Is Pyar Ko Main Kya Naam Dun-6

She switched on the computer, to start some official work, and turned her music player on,  placed a record on the turntable. She was happy with the news that “she is pregnant” she wanted to give him a surprise.


“Hello Aniket! What’s up now?”

“Ma’am we need to hire someone to make a video clip on some basic informations that we need to share with our staff.” Aniket needed help for their recent project.

“So why don’t you try out, you are so good at it.”Tania said.

“’am but I need you for guidance, can you come ?” Aniket said.

Tania was thinking about it, just the bell door bell rang..courier boy gave her a letter which she received and signed in the recieving form. “Thanks” she smiled and closed the door.

It’s Rahul’s call letter Woahhhh!!!!!


Rahul came back, he saw the door was locked. He searched for the duplicate keys ” there it is” Rahul entered the house. It was all dark.

He switched on all lights and calledup Tania.


“Where are you?” Rahul questioned, ” You have not told me about your plans , I was in OT. I saw your missed calls now. You should have messaged.” 

“Oh! Rahul I was in a hurry, I forgot. Take out food from fridge , Aniket needed me so I planned to come here”. Tania said.

Suddenly Rahul got annoyed . Aniket !! Ahhaaa!!!! Again…So, you are with him. He simply cut the call. He took a bottle of water and furiously he finished it.
Rahul was possessive he didn’t like her girl to plan out any thing at this hour. Tanya again called back. “Rahul, please don’t get angry we are literally stuck….”

Rahul shouted back “Oh Tanu! You know I don’t like this guy then why? Look at the time, it’s late.” he shouted angrily.

” Aniket, I have to rush back, otherwise my plans will not work out.. Why these trust issues arises between partners, we both are busy and hardly had time for each other but he is so possessive, resistance to anything I do, whoever I meet.” She felt helpless as she was in love with this relationship and she carved for him.

Tanya came back and she tried to make things normal, things were changing at a tremendous pace. When they are living together now, these adjustments are causing conflicts and they are facing issues. 

“Don’t waste these precious moments babe” , Rahul held her hands..”Everything will be fine honey, don’t take me in the wrong way. Don’t shout if you do not know the problem”  Tania replied and served him a bowl of hot soup on the table. Arguments and altercations have made their relationship a bit painful. Which were unbearable for Tania, but she tried her best to resume with her normal life. Maybe some day “I hope everything will be alright”  she muttered to herself, while she cleaned the kitchen top and planned menu for the next morning.

She sat in the living room watching tv, thinking how she planned to share the news to Rahul but in this atmosphere she decided not to disclose about her pregnancy, why this has happened she got puzzled how to solve these issues.

One fine day, while searching through some certificates in the drawers, Rahul found out a mischievous packet. “What is this?”,  he opened the packet and saw tickets of Tanya and Aniket to Australia.

Oh shit! I knew, this is what I guessed. He was trembling with anger. His patience took the last breath” she didn’t informed me that Aniket was with her. The world was upside down for him at a glance. How come his love can do this.? What is that he lacked ? He got frustrated with the feeling that Tania ditched him….Is it??

Cuckoooo cuckookkk..(Door bell)

Tania came with all materials to start video editing work from home. 

“Hi Rahul ! How was your day? Did you eat something?” She took a glass of water and sipping from it asked “anything serious?” Rahul’s face was red and he was behaving differently. Tania became curious “what happened babe” she came and cupped his face , Rahul thew away her hands forcefully. 

“Where were you?…. You work with him, you eat with him …and..and…now you sleep with him too…He shouted in a rage. The moment he uttered this, Tania stood  stunned watching him. She was numb.
Rahul began to throw out all that came in his hand. It was unbearable for her she never expected this from Rahul, who was her everything and loved her more than anything. Time stopped. Rahul was screaming as she stood and listened to his allegations . Her eyes teared up. She picked up all the things which was lying around broken…Broken as her relationship..Her heart..Her heart was  crying aloud .. how this happened? She was torn and her heart scattered into pieces, she couldn’t sleep the whole night.

 She went outside and started gazing at the sky thinking “things were not working out. How can he say that I’am not loyal?” His words crushed her heart. She sobbed uncontrollably.

To be continued..part 7

Is Pyar Ko Main Kya Naam Dun -5

Two red lines. She opened another Pregacare. To check again. Again two firm red lines greeted her. There was no symptoms, how can this be? Tanya was at total whirlwind of emotions. Her heart beat sizzled. She thought that sheer exhaustion made her feel low. She came out from the washroom and searched for her mobile.She dailed Rahul’s number. It was switched off! “Pick up Rahul”, Tanya muttered. But to no avail. She took a deep breath. She told herself to calm down. But her mind revolted and repeated, “Tanya, you are pregnant!” she paced about the flat overlooking the Bandra bandstand. She had been sharing this flat with Rahul for a couple of months now. Since they came back from Munnar. She looked out of the balcony, the morning sun was shining harshly and the Arabian Sea was energetically splashing against the sea front. She took another deep breath and walked to the kitchen. She put the water on for coffee and called out to Alexa. “Play some romantic songs of Dev Anand!” Tania poured the black coffee. She sniffed the aroma and thought to herself how tactical everything seemed to be. When one had something to live for. She carried her coffee to the old stuffed armchair next to her window, sat down and looked outside the window. Equation change in all relationship, we are in live-in relationship. How to deal with this pregnancy now. As the caffeine hot her a sensation of happiness overtook her. She relaxed.  She thought about how they had spent thier days together, loving each other. She clinging to his chest, leaning against him and he caressing her body. She smiled thinking of their past two months. And then it struck her. The first time, in Munnar. They were in so much hurry that they didn’t bother with the protection. So that must have been the one! She reminisced about the evening on their first day in Munnar.  Rahul had come back from his conference early. It was still afternoon and the sun was lighting up the green hillsides of Munnar. They had quickly changed and went for a walk. A small path led to the nearest Tea garden. The mud path got narrower and narrower and were walking in a single file. Rahul ahead and behind him Tanya holding his hand firmly. It was looking like some Bollywood movie of the 70s. They met a few lady tea garden workers who were nimbly plucking the leaves and putting them in their basket. They smiled at this lovely couple and called out something in Tamil. Soon they were away from any sign of human life. It was only the vast tea gardens on the hill side. They sat on a rock. Holding each other’s hands. No words were need. They just soaked up the scenery. Suddenly both of them said together, “Never saw tea gardens before!” And they both said, “Bingo!” and started laughing. There reverie was broken by the sudden appearance of black clouds and thundering. They ran to the main road to escape the downpour. By the time they reached the tiny tea stall both of them were drenched, drips and drops of rains made them wet.. For a single moment the time stopped. They didn’t care the people around them. It was just …Rahul and Tanya. He pulled her into a tea stall.  “Tanu… you are the half that made me whole… You complete me”. The drops of rain dripping from her face were making her face looked pleasing. Rahul wiped her face and cheeks, ensuring not a single drop is left on her face.  There was hot chai brewing. The chaiwala smiled and offered them tea. As they sipped their tea, the chaiwala started telling about Munnar in broken Hindi. He talked about how the British built these tea gardens. He said there were wild elephants around. This seemed to scare Tanya. The downpour stopped as abruptly as it had begun. They made their way back to the hotel, completely soaked in rain. Soaked in emotions and love for each other. Rahul locked the door, “Do you know, Tanya, my mom used to say raindrops are happy tears of snow”, he smiled to her. Music of rain drops can still be heard from outside, Rahul asked her hand for a dance. “Love always comes with surprises” Tanya could smell his peppermint breath, as he was close to her.They both danced crazily around the room, suddenly Rahul lifted Tania “O uch!!!” Tania said. He roam around the room kissing her passionately. He nibbled her lips as she moaned.

” Oh! Tanu once more moan for me babe” Tania wrapped him by his neck and leaned her herself in his chest. Aahhh !!!! She groaned. “I can’t take it Tania, you are so beautiful, so divine, I want to taste every iota of yours. I want to suck every inch of your body, want to give you pleasure , I need your love Tanu you make me crazy”. Rahul bounced her body. Those wet hair which were lying on his hands were set to make him victim of love. The flashes of lightning shine against her face making her more adorable.  “Hey! Promise me you will be always mine, after this. I want you forever Rahul..” Tanya whispered huskily by his ears. She glared at him.

“I promise” Rahul softly kissed her eyes. She hid her face at the crook of his neck, liking the perfume he was smelling.They were closer and their adrenaline started pumping, heart beat increased. Rahul’s finger felt like fire upon her skin, “Pull me into your den Rahul ” Tanya whispered. Rahul licked her ear and he took her to bedroom, gently slipped her to the bed she caught a pillow next to her and covered her face with it, she was blushing.He nuzzled the hard nub through her sleeveless shirt, her white lacy leg bands was visible below her pants, her tight thighs were breathtaking. He pulled his shirt, and unbuckled his pant. He ws naked now. A strong and masculine man, he looked so wonderful, manly. She crawled onto him and brushed her thumb all over his body. He became wild. He ran his hands all over her bottom and down along her legs in one long caress.She sighed very softly. Her toes curled in pure ecstasy. She closed her eyes to feel the intense. His arms wrapped her and held her tightly, while both of them kissing. He rubbed hands on her back. His fingers stopped at her bra clip, and he tried to pulled away …”May I ?” He asked quitely, Tania shyly nodded slightly. He smiled and pressed his lips on her once again tasting her flavor all over again. He was so gentle and it ached her for wanting him more. They looked into each other’s eye, he undid the clasp and slipped her bra, He held her more tightly. They were so close their body sensation could be felt by each other. Her murmurs and moans made him crazier.  He slipped in between her legs, pressing himself harder this time on her. He growled deeply into her den. she allowed his hardness to go inside her deeper. She moaned loudly as she felt him. A cocoon of love encased their embraces as he smoothly entered her. They broke apart. All sweaty and exhausted. The candles flickered as the thunderstorms continued.  That night their body became one. And the shadows on the walls were a witness of their pure love. Silence was broken by their moans, groan of  desires. That night was really special. They reached climax. It was a like a fantasy. “You really make me happy my girl, you are so gorgeous babe..I’m so lucky to have you.” Rahul smiled. Tanya laid her head on his arms, cuddled him. A blush crept on her cheeks. “Goodnight my princess! I love you so much. Sweet dreams.”  Rahul kissed her forehead. It was like a dream, a dream that was too wonderful to wake up.

To be continued….part -6

Is Pyar Ko Main Kya Naam Dun -4

“The last seat!” Tanya was irritated. “Rahul, All you could manage was this!”Rahul gave a sheepish grin. “Babe! Be thankful that we got a seat. Otherwise we would have to spend the night at Cochin airport!. The next bus to Munnar is at 6 am! But no worries! This is a Volvo, we will be comfortable!” Rahul replied reassuringly.

As they made themselves comfortable and the breeze of chilled AC hit her, Tanya eased. “Of course! With you around I wouldn’t mine travelling on roof top either!” Tanya giggled.

Rahul and Tanya had finally managed to make their joint holiday to Munnar. Rahul had a conference to attend on the first day and then they had planned the next three full days to themselves. They had taken the late night flight from Bombay to Cochin. Rahul had booked an overnight bus from Cochin airport to Munnar. It would take them six hours. The morning would find them in the High Range Hotel at Munnar. But first they had this tedious six hour journey to complete on the sinuous roads up the western ghats from Cochin.

Tanya opened a packet of Nachos as the bus made its way on the highway. Rahul looked hungrily at her and at her Nachos. But Tanya was oblivious to the stare, as she tried to look out of the window, at the pitch dark night. Only an occasional brightly lit shop once every few kilometres greeted her eyes. Otherwise, it was all quiet and dark. This was the first time she was in Kerala and was desperate to catch some scenery. While, Rahul looked at her as if she was the best scenery ever. 

“Give me atleast one!” Rahul begged.

“Oh I am so sorry. I was so engrossed in the scenery that I ate all the Nachos!” Tanya made a face as she put the last Nacho in her mouth. Half of it was out. Rahul made a sudden sweep and bit the hanging Nachos out of her mouth.

“Ouch!” Tanya screamed surprised at his sudden movement. 

Then they both giggled.

Rahul opened a packet of “Little hearts”. “Oh, these are my favourite. Give some to me!” It was Tanya’s turn to beg.

“Come and get it” Rahul replied mischievously holding the biscuit between his teeth. Tanya leapt and bit the biscuit from Rahul’s mouth. She stayed a bit longer and then planted a kiss on his lips. Rahul whispered, “Oh! Thats all! Only a tiny kiss! I thought you would give me a long smooch in return for this biscuit.” 

Tanya straightened up. “Saving something for later as well!” 

By now the AC was superchilled. The Volvo bus was moving very fast on the smooth winding tarmac. There were sharp turns as they climbed up the hills. The bus occasionaly threw them over each other as it negotiated the turns. After one such turn, Rahul landed up on Tanya’s lap. His face digging on her lap. She whispered, “Stay like this!” Rahul lay on her lap and looked up at her face. She tenderly moved her fingers on his face and then ran thru his hair. They were locked in each others gaze. Tanya smiled instinctively. 

“The view is good from here!” Rahul smiled from Tanya’s lap. 

“What view?! You can only see me!”

“That’s the view I am talking about! Your face! Glowing in the light of passing vehicles peeping in from the window.”

“… and of course I can see the hills also!” Rahul winked.

Tanya suddenly realised the double entendre and smiled shyly. She slapped gently on his arms. “You are very naughty!”

“…I can also see some stars!” Rahul sobered up.

“Where? Outside the window?”, she peered outside but could only see the inkly black sky.

“I can see the twinkle of the stars … in your eyes!” Rahul added.

Tanya blushed, “Stop flirting!” She kept her finger on his lips gesturing him to remain quiet. He gently kissed her finger. 

Tanya started murmuring a ghazal of Ghalib. “.. hazaron khwahishen aisi ..” 

“Oh I love this one! But I don’t know the full verse.”

“I know them! If you are quiet and do no mischief, I will sing it for you!” Tanya said earnestly. Rahul nodded while Tanya gently sang the ghazal in her sugar sweet voice. Although it was sotto voce, it seemed to waft thru the air and the words were hanging in there. Rahul was looking at Tanya’s face mesmerised. Tanya saw the earmest look in his eyes. She bent down and kissed him on his forehead as he lay on her lap.

Rahul then began singing the song “… tumse mil ke aisa laga tum se mil ke …” , from the film Parinda. He knew that it was her favourite bollywood song. She recognised the tune and began singing the song with Rahul. She bent and brought her lips close to his ears, as if the song was only for him! Her silky hair flowing all over him. He held her tightly. Warmth from her body permeating through his arms. Her fragrance induced a narcosis on him. She held him even more tightly. Her bosom pressing against his chest. There lips touching each other but no kissing. They lay in this awkward posture for a while. 

“Its my turn to lie on your lap” Tanya whispered gently. 

The last row of the bus was vacant other than Tanya and Rahul. 

Rahul sat up and Tanya lay on his lap. She clung to his body, pressing herself against his torso. Lulled by the gentle movement of the bus, she fell asleep in his lap. Rahul looked at her gentle face. She was looking like some heavenly angel not some earthly being. As the light from the window fell on her face, her sharp facial features got accentuated. He was admiring her pink juicy lips, high cheek bones and her sharp nose. Her closed eyes seemed to have a calming effect on him. He never realised when he dozed off. In his dreams he saw the perfect face of Tanya.

It was already morning when he woke up. They were about to reach Munnar. Despite the bus journey, he seemed to have a relaxing sleep in the night. He gently awakened Tanya. She woke up with a start. It took her a moment to realise where she was and that she was sleeping in Rahul’s lap. She said, “Two more minutes!” And she dug deeper into his chest as if it were her teddy bear. 

Soon they were in Munnar Bus Stand. A crisp cool air greeted them as they alighted from the bus. Tanya had wrapped herself in a stole and Rahul had worn a jacket. Yet it was fairly cold. They walked downhill to the High Range Hotel.

To be continued  part -5


Is Pyar Ko Main Kya Naam Dun – 3

It was 12.00 Midnight. Rahul walked creepily to Tanya’s house. He rang the doorbell, quickly slipped a letter through gap in the door and ran away.The letter read–

“You are everything that I have ever wanted!

You have touched my heart to the core!!

It’s an amazing feeling that I have never felt before!

Please reach your living room window!!”

Tanya read the note. It was written in the familiar round scribbling handwriting of Rahul. She was confused. She reached her window and peeped out in the darkness, expecting to catch Rahul’s figure. But a surprise awaited her. In the pitch darkness of a moonless light, shined bright candles. They were properly arranged to frame a sentence: “I love U Tanu!”. Never before she had liked the short form of her name. But today, she felt a sensation of pleasure and happiness. She loved the way the “You ” was abbreviated as “U”! She felt that she was blessed.

Soon she saw a handwritten placard “Come on sweety…Come to the balcony!”

Tanya rushed to the balcony. She was standing under a spotlight. She stood there for a while wondering what was happening when a slow rain of rose petals poured on her!

She saw towards the sky….A series of fireworks made of small balloons rose up with a message ..”I love you”. She stood there in awe. Stunned. With a charming broad smile, she found Rahul in front of her. He walked to her and sat on his knees, took out a ring from his pocket and pushed it on her fingers. “Hey, Girl! I am in love with you!Will you accept me? Since the day I’ve met you, I have adored only you. You are the world to me now. I promise to be by your side always through all highs and lows. I will be holding your hands. Let’s get old together. Tanya, I love you, babe.” he winked.

Tanya was looking straight into his eyes. She was speechless. Her heart was pumping faster like drum beats. Her entire body was aroused. It was so filmy till now! Hard to believe the suddenness!

“Am I so lucky? To have a guy like you! I am completely blown away! Swept off my feet!” She hugged Rahul. She went close to Rahul “For the first time, I don’t have any words in my vocabulary!” Tanya mumbled. Rahul tucked her stranded locks of hairs behind her ears. They were coming on her beautiful face. She rose to her tip toes. Rahul held her, gently cupping her face with his hands and pressed his lips into hers. He felt her hands brushing on his face as she kissed him softly. Her wet glistening lips touching him. He tasted her wet lips and it made him thirsty for more. Rahul wrapped his hands around her waist and dragged her closer. Tanya locked her hands around his neck and pulled him down. They kissed softly at first, unsure. He slid his tongue along her lips ,asking to open her mouth,gently she parted her lips .Oh! let me say this guy is an amazing kisser .He’s perfect.Mr Fixbit. He’s mine ….their lips rolled a little more playfully and dug deeper into each other. She had beautiful pink juicy lips. It was deep long intense and seemingly endless french kiss. Tanya whispered, “I love you Rahul”. They were clinging to each other as if their lives depended on. Rahul wrapped his masculine strong hands around Tanya, like he is always there for her from now onwards protecting her from everything.He rubbed his hands up and down on her back, giving her tingling feeling .”You look beautiful,your eyes are seductive in the moonlight Tanu”He murmured , she blushed with a smile. “Happy birthday Tanu”, Rahul made her day. This was her best birthday. “Today was amazing, I couldn’t ask for anything more..”Tanya chuckled.

Rahul came up with a cake from his car. Tanya was amazed. Her big beautiful smile stretched to the widest possible curve. Her tear filled eyes, she just held his hands. “Let’s cut the cake,” come inside Rahul. Tanya sheepishly smiled , embarrassed. Both went inside her house…

“So what’s the plan baby?”Rahul asked ,while heading towards her living room.”Oh !so you were watching Netflix. He paused the TV with the remote lying on the couch”.Rahul smiled and his eyes landed on her.

“Let me make something for you Rahul”., Quickly Tanya ran into the kitchen opened the fridge and took out all stuffs.”Hey! Let me make some waffles for you. She started making waffles in the waffle maker,then piles them with syrup.”you will love it,my family loves it too. The waffles were blueberry, she added some strawberries piled it with a dollop of whipped cream, chocolate chips and a little chocolate drizzle.

“Well ,here you are taste them I bet you will like them,hurry up,” Tanya smiled with brightend eyes.

Rahul gobbleb up all.”Awesome….I never knew you are a super cook. I am blessed then.” Rahul kept his plate back on table.”Tanu, I have a doctor’s conference in Munnar. Would have been better if my beautiful girlfriend will be there with me” Rahul eyed mischievously. His eyes met Tanya she smiled.”Think over it.We will really enjoy it, being together with each other”.Rahul said, Tanya stared at him. All of a sudden how can a stranger enter into her life’s horizon. She was fascinated by his blue irises. Everything happened so fast.Always she thought him as an outrageous flirt but he is with her the seducer indeed,there is something in him iam in his “zone” now.. unbelievable…But he is awesome in everything .And above all “iam in love”.Tanya’s mind was flooded with thoughts distracted by Rahul ‘s voice… “Whatttt?” Tanya questioned. “Nah”, It’s not possible, have an assignment, she gave excuses. “No worries babe! Tell me tomorrow..” Rahul smiled.

“I have to go now,Tanu..It’s already 4 a.m.” Rahul said.

“You know how to make girl’s happy.” Tanya smiled innocently. Her eyes twinkled like a shining star..

Rahul gently put his arms around his waist and pressed his cheek on her forehead, kissed her.”Love you Senorita” Rahul whispered. He headed towards the door, we both were not in a mood to leave each other but …

“Waiting Tanu, think about it – Munnar. Rahul headed towards the door.

“Good night Rahul”. Tania stood waving at him, looking at the sky. She saw a star falling down. She closed her eyes for a wish. Love you sweetheart! She murmured to herself.

To be continued… part -4

responsibility for them.

Is Pyar Ko Main Kya Naam Dun -2

The sound of the beautiful waves crashing up against the shore. Tanya could smell the serene saltwater and feel the cool breeze. She brushed her straight hair with her bare fingers. She was waiting anxiously for Rahul. She had finally decided to have lunch with Rahul. She had not yet envisioned their relationship. They were definitely friends. She definitely felt attracted to him. But she was not sure whether it was something more than friendship. “He is so perfect. It is hard to believe!” The thoughts were wavering in her mind. Then, she saw Rahul walking confidently towards her, and beaming his charming wide smile.“Huh! Senorita, at last, we met here! This is the magical place …” He tailed off and Tanya smiled shyly. 

“How could you appeal to so many girls into your court, Mr Fixbit?!” Tany grinned.

“Look you are here!” Rahul leaned his chair a bit closer to her. The luminescence of his blue eyes behind the glasses sent a shiver down her spine, through her body. She felt strangely electrified and invigorated.

Tanya was a strong, confident woman. Yet this was a new feeling for her. It had happened so suddenly. She must have blushed. Rahul asked, “Is everything alright?”  She thought, “ I am unsure, not my usual self. I am being literally blown off by this cool handsome man!” Rahul looked directly into her eyes, “Its just Us“! Tanya, I am waiting for you, for years! I love you! You are so perfect! You are so beautiful. Just absolutely stunning. Just for me. Believe me. Yes, I had girlfriends but I have never felt this way ever before!” For the first time, these ordinary words sounded bewildering for Tanya. She wanted to believe the words. It was all sounding like a dream and she was no longer aware of her surroundings, the crowded restaurant, the splashing of the waves, the busy traffic on the Marine Drive. All these became blurred and only the handsome visage of Rahul stayed in sharp focus in front of her eyes.

“I love you, babe!” Rahul held Tanya’s hand gently and then firmly. He pulled her and planted a little kiss on her hand. Tanya closed her eyes as if she wanted to capture this moment forever in her eyes. The warmth of Rahul’s hands was giving her goosebumps. Their fingers were intertwined, on the table. An absolutely wonderful feeling. Innocently holding hands like two little children. They stared into each other’s eyes and the moment lasted a lifetime. Snaking his arms around her, That tickles, huh!?” Rahul asked with a mischievous smile. Tanya nodded with a smile. “You make me go crazy Tanya! Like those butterflies go crazy on the blooming flowers! I am in love with you my girl!” Rahul asked in an inquisitive tone. “Do you, as well …..?” He left the question hanging in the air. Tanya nodded. Lacing her fingers through his. It was all satisfying. A blessed feeling. They ordered some fresh fruit juice and sat talking for hours. Bringing back memories of their school days. 

Hey! Do you remember? We both were backbenchers and how we used to snack on those Chocobars?” Tanya asked in a whisper her voice heavy with emotion. 

“You used to eat them all!” Rahul retorted and laughed.

“Oh my gosh! It’s gotten so late! I have to rush back to my workplace for an important meeting!” Tanya said while stroking his cheeks with her fingers. 

Rahu stood up and planted a peck on her forehead. She squeaked, “Goodbye honey!” He smiled.

Tanya hurried back to the office. She was getting late. “Oh, Apologies! Gentlemen, I was stuck in a jam!” Tanya opened the door and before anyone could murmur, she began speaking confidently, “So let us see our product …”.

A faint smile appeared on her face. It was a long discussion about a new product. Tanya glanced fleetingly at her watch. It was almost Six. 

“Let us plan a presentation on today’s meeting guys!” Tanya interrupted, “Let us pack up! Its already Six and it’s a Friday! I am sure all of us want to catch up with something! So we should all peel off now! Fix a date and an agenda. And let us not make it long guys!” Tanya jotted some points in her diary and sipped hurriedly her coffee which had turned cold now. 

Her phone buzzed. “Hey, Rahul! What’s up?!” She slid the keypad and left the cabin for home while talking with Rahul. 

Can’t stop thinking about you ,your eyes they are so mesmerizing..miss you yaar!Rahul murmured kissing the mouth piece of you jaan….

“Just going back,Where are you?Tanya asked

“In your heart”Rahul whispered, and kissed the phone…

To be continued part 3..

Is Pyar Ko Main Kya Naam Dun -1

Rahul: Hey! What’s up? Rahul here!Tanya: Hi! Nothing new! Tell me how are you?

Rahul: Sorry I couldn’t call you back. I was busy with some patients.

Tanya: Ya! Ya! You are practically always busy! 

Rahul: C’mmon!!! Really I was stuck yaar. Well this time it was a lady patient. Rahul winked.

Tanya: I don’t understand why all women friendzone you. 

Rahul: Nah! She was a patient.

Tanya: Or a girlfriend?!!! Some old foreign returned!!! Ahha!! Ofcourse you are honest, handsome, tall and fair. But .. you are not my kind!

Rahul: But Miss Senorita .. I want to be in your zone!

Tanya: Nay! We haven’t met yet Rahul! It’s that we were in the same school and same class for four years! Can you imagine? How long back that was?

Rahul: So let’s meet, Miss Senorita!

Tanya: Don’t trust me babe. Who knows I would be a killer now ..! A serial killer! Hey! Do you still remember that serial Karamchand and Kitty duo? It used to be our favourite, back in school.

Rahul: Babe, I would really love to be killed by this killer! Come on! Let’s meet! If the killer is adorable, I can do anything! And I promise, I am not one to be killed without a fight! Tanya: … umm .. Don’t flatter! Let’s plan!

Rahul: Oh Tanya! You sound so lovely. Mesmerising voice. I just can’t stop imagining your face!

Tanya: Hey again! Stop! I have to rush!

Rahul: Everyone you meet is not a coincidence. So we both are now pieces if a puzzle. Lets try to solve this puzzle together! … Bye… Hope to see you soon!

Tanya: … Bye! Rahul kept his phone back. He held his pillow and cuddled himself in the bed. 

“Yes! It’s been years since I have seen her! But I remember she was the most beautiful girl in the class. I can still imagine her soft beautiful face. Her lips with pink tinge. She used to aply a mild lip balm on her lips to moisturise her lips. And they used to glister like pearls. Her smooth milky white complexion made her look like an angel. And her untied hair which used to fly over her face and made it look even more lovely. She was my benchmate. I can still feel the gentle aroma wafting from her. Often our bodies used to brush against each other and I can feel her warmth even now!

To be continued….part 2

A DHOKLA CAKE- A Lockdown Birthday

It was a fine Sunday morning. Eva woke up with a blissful smile. The sunrays were shining brightly. She heard a long beep. Her eyes turned to the mobile. Ahhh!! A reminder! It is mom’s 65th birthday today. She picked up her phone and scrolled for her mom’s name ..Ah here it is..let’s make a video call, There goes the long bell…”pick up Ma”!!

“Hello Beta” a soft sweet tone was waving to Eva.

“Mommy, you are a fairy! Happy Birthday my Angel mom!” Eva shouted

Her mom just laughed. Her laughter was like the tinkling of bells. Her family was sitting besides her. She got a bit teary-eyed. She was missing them all. “Hi Bro! What’s up?” Eva waved her hands and gave a flying kiss to her niece Pihu and sister-in-law, Shagun.

“All is well Di” Shagun said .

“It is lockdown! Otherwise, we would have béen with you this time of the year. Hope things will get normal soon” Rahul said.

The call get disconnected abruptly. Eva checked her internet “Oh!! Its so slow!” She said to herself. She walked into the kitchen to brew a strong filter coffee and searched something to munch. She was hungry. “Oh! Mom you used to look after us so much. I still miss you”, she thought.

Many thoughts wrapped around her mind. With her dad passing away, her life has been stolen in a heartbeat. Mom had managed everything. She sacrificed every happiness for us. This time after eighteen years her whole family planned to visit her for the first time after her marriage. She was having blues.


Meanwhile, with a cup of hot tea, Shagun was watching the neem tree where a cuckoo was merrily singing.

“Shagun” a sound from side flat startled her. “Hello Rekha Auntie!”

“Hello Beta! How are you planning to celebrate my bestie’s birthday?”

“Nothing, Auntie. This darned Lockdown! I can’t even invite you to the house to wish Mumma in person”. Shagun replied pensively.

“Oh! Never mind! We will wish her from the balcony only! See my grand daughter has made this card! And she is ready with her guitar to sing her Happy Birthday!” Rekha Auntie’s words cheered up Shagun.

She beamed broadly and said, “Thanks a ton, Auntie! Lemme keep this as a big surprise for Mumma!”


“Hello Pihu!! What’s up? How is everything? Have you planned anything special.” Eva said. It was her neice.

“Nup!! Bua. Please give me a recipe to bake a cup cake for Dadi. Due to the lockdown, we are at home.”

Pihu was  very upset today. It was her grandma’s birthday but due to the lockdown, they were helpless.

“All are busy bua. Everyday we are doing all the household nothing planned till now.” Pihu said.

Eva remembered she had some pending work too. So she consoled her neice and kept the phone back. While doing her left over work she thought how can she make her mom happy on her birthday.It was a crappy day, she opened one online site and booked an online cookery classes for her mom as a gift.

“I know she will love this” she murmured.


Tring…tring.. It’s again a video call Eva ran to pick up the phone, which was lying on sofa.

Eva scrolled to the green button. It was dark that side..

“What’s up?”, She was a bit confused.

She saw something moving. As the light switched on…all started singing the special birthday song for her mom. The room was like a fairy house, with twinkling lights, bright streamers and balloons. “Oh My!! Mom!!” Eva shouted from this end.

She was so happy and for a minute she could not speak. Her mother was there with a rainbow smile.

Mom was wearing a new dress.A green gown her favourite colour indeed. Shagun had bought for her before the lockdown. Pihu had made some caps with shimmering papers that had pictures of a heart on it. Shagun had made delicious Dhokla in form of a cake.. ..”DHOKLA ” room was filled with laughter.

“Mom, you are not allowed sweets as the doctor has said. So I made a dhokla for you! Its our healthy cake” she laughed and winked.

“Let’s cut it mom come on”! Rahul said

Eva was in tears, it was Shagun and Pihu who had made it special for her mom”The Lockdown Special Birthday.”

Rekha Auntie and her grand-daughter were singing loudly with the guitar from the balcony!

“Ma! Happy Birthday”…Eva gave a virtual hug to all of them.

Her mother hugged all of them. “It is the best birthday party I have ever had,” she said.

Outside in the courtyard, the neem tree swayed gently in the wind.Toffu, the pup, looked up, his ears cocked . Clearly, something special was happening at the house!

Facing lockdown -ALONE

This Tuesday, 24th March, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day nationwide lockdown. The announcement was made in response to the increasing number of positive cases of the novel coronavirus in the country.It was a sudden announcement, but necessary of course. I am living in a small town, watching people how they are reacting to this lockdown. Sometimes I am frightened because if these few people are behaving like this then, what about the rest…the entire country.

Along with the lockdown, a panic situation developed among the people. Some, are busy in hoarding groceries. Others are cribbing for the little extra amount of work that they have to do as the household help is not coming anymore. A period of uncertainty which needs utmost care. But above all, we need to understand the requirement of this drastic and abrupt measure. All these are because of the safety measures for us and others. We should thank god that we are together dealing with the lockdown.

Many people are living away from their families. They are now stuck. Can you imagine how they must be facing the situation? It must be huge mental pressure for them along with lockdown its effects.

These sudden arrangements are not long-lasting but it has suddenly created havoc and anxiety between peoples.
Many of us are working from home. Today, I talked to a friend and she was wondering how mothers are cooking and cleaning the whole day. Phew!! I was amazed. I asked her how we did it all these years!

I thought I should share my views on how to survive corona lockdown, particularly if you are alone as I am facing the same situation.

1. Work from home

Many of us are working from home and have shifted our base to the online medium. So, I think there must be a lot of anxiety. In this case, I would suggest taking breaks in between the work. Do not panic or get stressed. Organise your schedule so that along with your household chores you can finish the office work as well. We often crib that we don’t have to do things. The one holiday that we get in mid-week sometimes we feel blessed for it. Now we have time. So we can imbibe many things that we have always planned for. We can fulfil our hobbies and yes, the most important thing we can relax. We can talk to people on what bothers us. We can interact online and share our concerns.

2. Do not panic

Being alone really creates panic when you read numerous messages on social media and chat with people. But really, restrain yourself from reading all these messages as many of them are fake. Even I believed many things. Only later I came to know these are fake messages. Its better not to read rather delete such things.

Pick up a hobby, rather nourish it. Yes, you are right! I have picked up BLOGGING. I am happy about sharing things with you all. It is my stress buster. I quickly finish work to take out time for writing. Trying out new things are always a pleasure for me. Don’t say ”I can’t do”. I think we can do everything! All that we need is determination. May be once or twice we may not succeed, but nothing can happen now if we don’t initiate and win over our fear.

So get set go my dearies.

3.Meditation and Chanting

Being alone is painful. Stress is automatically created. Meditation really helps. Various apps are there to meditate or chant. Various chanting mantras are  there which heals our souls.

I do and I feel so I am advising. It gives you inner strength, boosts morale. We are not alone. The world is with us. If you feel and meditate you can see the change in yourself.

Deep breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation are also helpful in stress relief.

Fix a time every day and be regular. These are the minute things which when we adapt, it cures many odds unknowingly.

4. Stay at home but stay in the heart of others.

We all are citizens of India.When there is a pandemic, we should help the government,obey rules and care for ourselves as well as others. Staying at home will help all of us. It will control the spreading number of positive cases. We only are responsible for this. Staying aware is most necessary. I understand being, alone it is difficult but it is necessary at this time.

Earlier, mostly it was heard “time issues…no time… we can’t do such and such”. So you have the time now. Just cultivate your long lasting wishes, your childhood memories, nostalgic photographs or books. All you ever wanted to do and you were missing out due to lack of time – do it now. Stay in the hearts of others. Help the needy ones. Its the time when you can help .They may not be having what we have so, go ahead.

5. Stay Calm and Positive

The most important thing is to stay positive. Don’t forward unnecessary and negative messages on social media. Stop others from doing that. Calmness wins many things. Situation can be handled. Positivity heals many lonely hearts. Reading good books or good stuff in such situations gives one strength . Negativity grinds you like a mortar. Its okay if you stay away from such people. When you are alone such things makes one’s life harder. Stay calm and positive to deal with this pandemic.

I am sure we will be out from these troubles. All we need is to be AWARE.

Facing lockdown -ALONE

Be at home!Be safe..


“Hello!How are you Ma?Is everything fine?”Ayushman beta have to come for 15days,  we have fixed Binay’s marriage on 25th April next month ,we will do it at homewith a small gathering ,cops will not be aware of this,your father will deal with them”mother said.

“Tell Sapna to be there for all preparations prior to marriage ask your madam in advance to give leave her for 15days ,she would look for someone else to cook, yehh!! one more thing today is the day of Navratri why don’t you come with Sapna ,Mata came in my dream that this world is going to finish if we don’t worship her in this corona period.We should ask her to heal.Come home “.

Ayushman looked at Sapna..”Ah!! ..yes Ma ,I will talk with Sapna and let you know”.

“Ayush !how can we go?Why don’t you tell them the situation .It’s lockdown everywhere and they are celebrating,Mata will not be angry don’t worry,she will cure all,It’s not time to go out,I will do pooja at home”.Sapna said furiously.

Look Sapna my mother is asking help so go and talk to your madam to leave us, before she  say some reason make her understand that we need to go .I don’t know anything by today ‘s evening inform her.Ayushman said in a goofy tone.

Sapna nodded everything.But she knew what’s the situation ,her madam made her aware of all things by sharing her videos or through tv news channels.But no one from her house was believing.

“Ayushman! why don’t you understand ,It’s not madam, it’s about the people ,we must think about all.How can we be aloof ,do such things hiding to cops about these things .We all will be behind bars if we do not abide rules”.

Sapna was disturbed as her family was not listening to her nor they are concern of the situation .

“Sapna beta ! make some coffee ” it was Ayushman’s father at the door.

How come he is here.why don’t they understand the meaning of lockdown.Oh! Lord why they are not understanding the situation.If iam saying ,iam becoming thier enemy.Sapna was tensed’up making coffee and thinking about how to handle her family.

Sapna made coffee and she came with some crunchy snacks she made last evening.

Oh nice! Make these during marriage everyone will cherish her father in law sipped the coffee.

“Papa! Please don’t misunderstand me.Do you know the situation? Why you are going for the marriage next month.This is a crucial phase.Everywhere there is  lockdown.We should obey our government and stick to the rules.Please don’t come out of the house,don’t misunderstand me but the situation demands.Oldage people’s immunity system is less as compared to younger ones so avoid all these atleast for time being.See,if we break the rules ,we will suffer afterwards.Corona virus is communicable and it’s transmitted through person to person.We should avoid all big gathering , and God will never get angry ,we are her children ,when her children are in bad phase ,she will help them out .Whole world is in taurma.Don’t you feel that”.Sapna begged before him.

Ayushman was looking at her.He was a bit angry that Sapna was against his family ‘s wish she was saying what her madam has taught her… He switched on the tv .They all watched news.Same things were there in every news channel.”Oh god!when the situation will normalise.”Ayushman surfed all channels quickly .

“It’s a panic situation.nobody has taught me. Watch the latest news updates,how can you be so naive, moreover madam told me not to come back here again during this lockdown if I leave this place”.Sapna murmured.

Ayushman looked at Sapna “and you say she is a nice lady ahhaha!! Now I can know her ,what people are saying about her, she is absolutely a cruel lady,I can’t understand why  you like her.You stay here, I will leave this place very soon”.

Sapna was aware of everything but she was in a dillema how to make all of them understand of the situation.

Many of us are fortunate enough to have our basic needs and more. However there are people in remote villages with no access to necessities, people who survive on daily wages, uncertain about the future and if they will have another meal.
People are working on the front lines to keep us all going. This is the time to stand with them in solidarity and contribute in the best way we can.

Sapna told both of them..

It was of no use ,she realised .
Her father narrated his market gossips and how they can kick corona back to China.All rumours and gossips he shared with Ayushman.

 “We are going to have a small get together before marriage with few people from our locality.Nobody will know,don’t worry everything will be  inside our house. I will deal with cops.So, you both come and help your mother”.Sapna’s father in law sipped the left over coffee and gave details about the items to be made and guests list.

Sapna was feeling pain inside that why people are not concious and they are not concern about others.Her voice was of no use.Ayushman was his father’s favourite and no one can ever come in between their decisions.


“Yeah !!What happened Uma”? Ayushman’s father answered the call.

“Listen, there was call from Maya, she needs help.They went for a party yesterday , although there were few members ,one of them got positive report today for corona virus.Health officers are putting all others in quarantine”.O lord! Our daughter will be in quarantine.Why this happened with my family ?I have always prayed you.I will donate 121 ladoos lord at temple please cure my family”.She sobbed.

“Ohh!! How this happened? This is nothing , a mere virus , don’t worry , I will be there, everything will be alright, Ayushman ! Take out your bike ,we have to go”..

“Papa, what will we do there ,rather talk to Uma console her,It’s complete lockdown ,we can’t go so far”? Ayushman said 

“Papa, it’s complete lockdown.Nothing can be done now.Thats what I was telling , Uma di should have taken care before attending this party.When we know everything ,why we don’t obey the orders and it is effecting world wide, when it’s there on tv ,why we people are not behaving or accepting the current situation.We should avoid social gatherings, parties etc.Now we have to wait for 14days,hope that Uma di will come back healthy”..

Ayushman hold his father, “papa please take care don’t come out of house.Whatever Sapna used to tell ,I used to make fun of her but now when my own sister is suffering I could able to know now”.

They all looked at eachother, now prayers can heal our world.Let’s be with eachother ,follow rules ,maintain social distance ,do all the needful .


Let’s not create a panic situation.Be at home.Be safe.

Digital Girls

“Hey! Aarti, what are you doing? You are always with your mobile”! Vimla elbowed her.Meetu when are you going for your next work? Come let’s sit here for a while.

Aarti, Vimla and Meetu went to the society’s park and made themselves comfortable on a bench.

“Aarti! Don’t you think we need to do something? Yaar! With so little money there is always a shortage at my home. Both of us work very hard. My husband and I do everything for our children. Yet, I need to work even more”. Vimla said in a tense tone.

“That’s true”! Admitted Aarti.

“Hey, Meetu! What’s up? How is your life? You are the youngest among us. How many houses do you go for cooking? One of the ladies from the next block was praising your cooking”. Vimla said smilingly.
Arrey! I am looking at all this. It’s a Facebook page opened by my brother and his friend. They have joined their hands to cook a variety of dishes and post them on their Facebook page. They take orders for cooking also on that page. Isn’t it fantastic”?
“Oh! It’s great”! Said Vimla.
“Hey! I have got an idea! Can’t we also start our business and sell through fb page. ” Vimla asked

Meetu frowned. She was surprised at this suggestion. “How didi”?

“Let’s plan. We can if we are determined. Our household problem will be solved too”. Said Aarti.

“Yes! We can manufacture some handicrafts after our working hours. We can craft whatever we know. Then we will post the pics of the items on the fb page. Let’s see if we get any orders. I will ask Geeta and Damayanti too”.

“But what can we make Vimla”? Asked Aarti.
“I can make jute bags”. Vimla replied.

“Oh! I think I can make some pottery. I used to help my father before marriage”. Aarti added.
“And I will colour it didi”! Meetu quickly uttered.
They all giggled and looked at each other with twinkling and sparkling eyes.

They joined their hands, “Let’s do it!”

After going home, Vimla called Damayanti and Geeta. She spoke about this venture of theirs. Both of them were astonished at the idea. It was all new for them. But the agreed gingerly.

“We are with you, Didi”.

Soon the five of them joined their hands for the new setup.
Eventually, they all met and started making handcrafted stuff. Every day they finished their respective housework and all domestic chores. They work hard for making all stuff.

The jute bags looked very pretty. Tiny clay pots and the painted vases were beautiful too. Geeta and Damayanti made handmade soft toys and handmade artificial jewellery.
After a month.

We are done. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! They all gave each other a high five. “Unbelievable”! Aarti shouted.

“Let me start with the fb page”. Meetu said excitedly. She painstakingly made the fb page. It was a basic one but it had neat pictures of all their stuff.

“Di! Can we tell our Madams too”? Damayanti asked referring to their employers.

“Yes. but only if you think they would be good”.

 Geeta murmured.
 Everyday Meetu looked for the orders. They kept their fingers crossed with hope.
“Vimla are you doing some business”? Mrs Dhrite asked.” But you never told me”!

“Yes Madam”. Vimla said hesitatingly as she washed the few leftover utensils.
“Its great Vimla. You are our digital girls. Last night Gautam found your page. Both of us were amazed at the stuff”. Siya joyfully patted her back.
“And yes! We have ordered one jute bag”. She winked mischievously.

“Thank you, Madam. Convey my thanks to Saheb as well”. Vimla folded her hands, as she only knew what gift they had given her.

“Oh, please Vimla! You all are so brave and enterprising. We will help you in whatever way we can”. Siya smiled back.
Siya made a graphic poster and forwarded it to all her WhatsApp groups. She also shared it on her Twitter and Pinterest. She was super excited as she always wanted to help such persons who needed support and wanted to help them grow.
“Oh! Mrs Dhriti why are you helping these maids”. Neha said as she sipped her drink and threw her cards.
 “Have you seen their page? I would urge you to visit it once and you will definitely fall in love with it”. Siya replied as she threw in her trump card.
” And Bingo! I won”.

She stood up and looked at each kitty member.
“Friends! Let’s help them yaar. They are so talented! So, what if they are our maids! They are our digital girls. Even we have not thought of such ideas which these girls did. Ladies! Let’s support them rather than belittle their efforts”. Siya chuckled and smiled at Neha.
“Yes, Siya. Let’s order our kitty gift items from them”.

 Mrs Dewangan stood up and the rest of the ladies looked at each other.

“Why not? Let’s try”.


Tring…… tring … the phone rang
“Hey Siya … What’s up”?

“It’s very serious Siya. Can you help me”?

“For what”? Siya asked quizzingly.

“Someone has made a fake account of me on FB and put some morphed fake pics of me. I don’t know what to do. I am not able to handle this. I can’t tell this to my husband. He will only suspect me. I am very worried”.
“Well” …

Siya looked around for a second and then exclaimed.” I have got it. Meetu can help you”.
 “Meetu? Who? That cooking lady”? She just rolled her eyes.  
“Okay. if you don’t want “… Siya hesitated.

“No, no … Please, go ahead … I want help”. “Whoever can help me”!! Neha pleaded.
Meetu came immediately and Neha explained to her what had happened.
“Ok, Madam! I think we should report it to Facebook”.  
“But I don’t know how”? Neha replied.
“Don’t worry Madam, I will do it for you”. Meetu quickly reported it to Facebook. In fifteen minutes, they got a confirmation that the fake page has been blocked.
Oh my gosh!!!!!! Neha had tears in her eyes.” You just saved me Meetu”. She wanted to give money to Meetu. But Meetu flatly refused.

“Madam, I came to help you as a woman. Like we help any woman in our cooperative”.

Neha was speechless. Her eyes had welled up with tears. Her face had grown red. She said with a heavy voice, “Meetu today not only have you saved my honour but also taught me what a good human being you are. You are very talented. But I always made fun of you and belittled your efforts. Siya is right – you indeed are the digital ladies”. She gave Meetu a hug.
Tears rolled down Meetu’s eyes.

“Thank you, madam, we might not have the strength to move mountains but we have tiny wings to fly over them”!
Siya called up these five ladies were delighted to share the news that their kitty had decided to buy all their gifts from the digital ladies.
At the mention of the orders, all of them got excited.

They all started to speak simultaneously forgetting the cups of tea they held in their hands!

“Di our children eat at mid-day meal schools and husbands manage to eat at work. We go hungry on so many days”. Vimla said with tearful eyes.

“Though we work so much with so high rates we cannot afford much. So, we had joined our hands to make ends meet”.

They all thanked Siya. Siya hugged them. My brave ladies. You all are wonders in small packets.
Gradually, this group of five ladies grew to ten and then fifty. It came to be a women’s cooperative. They united. They climbed each step. Their Facebook likes button was in millions now! Millions created history.

History made by the brave digital ladies.