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“Ma! Yeh lo aaj ka yeh 150rs hue bas( mother! take this today it’s only rs 150). Ashu came back from work and handed over the money. His mother took the money, she took a deep breath and began to count. Ashu’s sad doe eyes looked up to her. “God bless you my son” Malini’s hands moved over Ashu’s head. Her throat tightened and tears rolled down her cheeks. ” I can’t give you a good life, a life where you can enjoy and study, but due to our situation you have to work”.She choked out between sobs.
Don’t worry Ma things will be okay, our father left us for another woman, you are the one who is earning and doing everything for us, why are you thinking like this? Ma! we love you “, Vinni hugged Malini from the back. Malini’s chest shuddered as a silent cry ripped through her. Ashu stood helpless in front of them, they were coping up with life so that things would run out smoothly. In spite of many odds they were struggling to earn so that they could study while earning.

Vinni winked Ashu to bring the surprise they had planned out. She deliberately moved her hands and closed Malini’s eyes, Ashu went to the next room and came back with a gift-wrapped box in his hand. Ma!! both of them screamed Happy Mother’s Day !! Malini suddenly opened her eyes to this, her eyes slowly slide up. Malini stood awestruck looking at them. “What is this”? She was delighted to hear them shouting and singing for her. ” Ma open the box see what we had been doing all these days”? Vinni chuckled.
Malini carefully opened the box and she was surprised to see her old necklace mended with a new pendant. Everything flooded back to her, The Fight…The Necklace…The Loss…n The Pain.., when Rajesh took her only necklace without her consent and mortgaged it and played cards and never gave the money to Malini. When Malini searched for the necklace it was already with the goldsmith Ramu who was staying nearby, later he told Malini about the mortgage.
” Oh!! My lord! She sighed. How did it happen? You both are so thoughtful I never knew. How this happened beta”? She was surprised and delighted to got back the last precious possession that her father gave her while her marriage. She always tried to bring back this necklace but the circumstances never allowed. She was touched by this gesture. She hugged both of them, Vinni put the necklace on her neck. After years she could get back her MA as she used to see her when she was small.
“Ma! Vinni sewed quilts for Ramu bhaiya’s quilt shop. After college we spent our time earning dignity for our life. I have started home tuitions Ma, sorry we have never told you before as you must have not allowed us to do so.” Anshu muttered.
Malini breathes heavily looking at them.
You were eternally there with us whenever we were planning something.”A little patience and we are there” Ma your words were with us every time we failed. We are not afraid of anything now, because you are near ” Vinni’s eyes flashed.ñ

Ma we have climbed every tide and grew weary, we have learned to weather the tides. You are the one who gave us strength. Ashu held Malini and wiped her tears.
Malini’s all worries vanished with a splash of laughter and togetherness.
Malini ‘s eyes were full of tears. Oh god! She began to cry helplessly ” Ab mere Bachhe bade ho gaye ( Now my kids are grown up ). ” We love you Ma!” both of them yelled.
” I have not eaten anything since morning Ma” Vinni urged. ” Tho chalen!!”( So let’s go). They giggled and move towards the kitchen.


“Bhaiya! aap de dijiye inhe, main paise de Raha hu” (Bro! Give her, I will pay for it). Rama looked up. A tall well-built man was standing behind her. Her heart was pounding, “Why he is paying the amount for me?”. The man took his bag and left in his yellow Benz, as abruptly as he had arrived. Rama wanted to thank that gentleman, but he had left. The shopkeeper handed her a 10-kilo rice bag. She was happy and her heart was blessing that gentleman, “Maybe God has sent you for me. Whatever, may God give you all good things, Sahebji!” She mumbled and left for her home.
“Mummy , paise de na Dudh layenge (give me money, will bring milk)”. Rama kept quiet, she unzipped her mini purse found thirty rupees.

 “This can be saved for vegetable for today’s dinner”, she thought and sat down looking at lonely streets.

A sound drew her attention. It was a message in WhatsApp about the coronavirus, to stay safe at home. She scrolled the mobile’s contact list. She called up Ashin, her former employer.


After a long ring……….

 “Oh, I want to sleep who is there in the afternoon”
 Ashin saw Rama’s name..(her old maid).she wanted to rest but thought to answer her call…

“Hello Rama! How are you?

 Are things are ok at your end? How are the corona cases in Delhi?” She asked eagerly.
“Namaste Bhabhiji! We are fine.”

Rama’s tone was a bit dull Ashin intuitions made her ask “What’s about lockdown? Are you at home?” Ashin asked.

“No bhabhiji! Due to corona virus, society people are not calling us. Gatekeeper is not allowing us to go inside. Some people left before lockdown and when I am asking them for money, they are saying they will pay when they will be here. Even if I am giving them the account number to pay me online they are saying they don’t have money in Paytm and they can’t go to the bank now. Bhabhi, they are making me a fool out of me. We don’t have food to eat. Here everything is so costly.”

Kajal interrupted her, “Mummy give me something to eat”. Kajal was Rama’s daughter. Kajal took the phone from her and greeted Ashin “Namaste Aunty, see how mummy is saying no to everything”. She had tears in her eyes.

Ashin was so sad to hear all these she asked Rama “Rama! Do you want me to send some money”? She was clueless about how to help them during this lockdown. They are staying away and as such lockdown has made normal life horrible.

Rama instantly admitted. “Please bhabhiji! I will send you an account number. Send me “. “Rama was not the kind of lady who asks for money as other maids do. But this lockdown has made her life tough. ” Bhabhiji, we will die from hunger not corona. Corona is for rich people, not for us. If we will not work who will feed us? Look at my husband he left us for another woman, he never thought about our daughter. But how can I leave her? I am her mother. But this disease has made it impossible to go out who will give us to eat. House owner is asking for rent too. We don’t have anything to eat how I can pay him rent? I told him about Modiji’s words but he ignored and asked me to pay by next week, see how cruel he is? Whereas today in the morning while I was in the grocery shop one gentleman suddenly paid money for rice, I don’t know who he was but may God bless his family”. Rama uttered sadly.

Ashin was stunned for a minute she was speechless. She told Rama to send her the account number so that the money can be transferred.


“Rama, ask your saheb to check his account, I have transferred the money. Take the amount from him and bring some groceries first. Spend it judiciously. If you need any other help do let me know. stay safe, don’t go out and take care of Kajal.
After 5 minutes Rama called up again to confirm the money.
“Thank you bhabhi, for your help. No one is here to help us. People went home without giving my payment whereas you helped me”. “Thank you aunty!” A happy tone was shouting from the back. It was Kajal’s “Rama go and bring milk.” Ashin was happy she could help them. Although she is staying away in another city and know Rama is not working for her anymore, she helped her without any intention to get help. Just she helped her for the sake of humanity.
It’s pathetic where people are not helping the poor rather moving away from such issues. I feel pity for them. The poor are working for us. During this time, they need help. We should go out of our way to help them. I urge to people please pay the poor people who are working for us or even you find anyone in need. Circumstances have made them to sit, deliberately they are not doing things. Yes, still people are there who are helping out these needy.

One unknown man helped Rama who wàs no one for her.Rather, the people for whom she was working ran away without paying her. 

Be humble. Have gratitude for them who are helping us while we are sitting at home. They are fighting directly with the corona virus making our life safe.

Nobody is enjoying this phase. It has become frightening for the labour class. They need our help. Even if they are not coming for work don’t cut their salaries, help them. Make this lockdown successful, as staying inside is the only mantra to stay safe.

This is one true event likewise many Ramas must be there, please help them. They need us. And we need them.

As it is said:-

Love is not patronizing and charity isn’t about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same — with charity you give love, so don’t just give money but reach out your hand instead.

Mother Teresa

DIY HANDMADE FACE MASK by using cloth bag (Best out of waste)

Masks have become a hot commodity, as the coronavirus is spreading worldwide. These essential items are now flying off store shelves. Hospitals’ demand for these commodities has increased comparatively. Now as the cases are increasing day by day we need more masks and it’s not easy to manufacture them fast. We are running short of masks so in this case let’s try to make a homemade mask, something is better than nothing.

Masks are generally used to protect ourselves and others from respiratory droplets, and with a rising number of asymptomatic COVID-19 cases, there’s no harm in wearing homemade masks at least, while going out and about as long as it is a homemade mask.

A homemade mask must cover the nose and mouth since this is where respiratory droplets enter and exit. As for fabric recommendations, cotton is advisable, the thicker the better, make it 3 layers and tie it tightly.
” The thicker and more tightly woven material is, more protective. Always make 2 to 3 masks so that when one mask is sanitized others can be used. It should be sanitized after each use.

I have made masks from cloth bags, best out of waste indeed. 
Making DIY face mask at home from a cloth bag.

Material Required 

Cloth bag


Needle and thread

Sewing machine (if you have one)

Two strips


Fabric or cloth bag

Make your own face mask—no sewing machine

  • Cloth bags can do more than carrying groceries—they can also be turned to make face masks and can be used during this crucial phase.
  • Cloth masks can be used as an alternative to medical masks.

How to make a face mask

Time: 90 minutes if sewn by hand
Materials need to be ready before make ting :

  •  1 medium non-woven polypropylene reusable grocery bag
  • 2 strings /60 inches of ribbon, between ½ inch wide

1. Wash the reusable grocery cloth bag.
2. Cut the sides off the grocery bag, cut off the handles.

3. Cut the bag into sheets. 
4. Measure and cut one sheet, measure the down 9 inches and draw parallel vertical cutting lines. Fold them, iron them. Stitch these by sewing both sides a quarter-inch in from the edge. Double back your stitch to make sure the pleat seam is strong.

6. Fold half an inch of material from opposite edges. Iron the fold on low heat to set it. Then, sew it a quarter inch from the edge. 

Caution: High heat will melt the bag material.

Set each fold with an iron. Be aware of the temperature.

6. Make the head tie cut two strips or ribbons, make sure the ribbons/strips are long enough to reach the back of your head with at least 4 inches to spare. If the length of the ribbons is right, sew the pieces at both edges.

13. Sterilize your mask. Before using it for the first time, submerge your mask in boiling water for 10 minutes.
It’s important to remember a face mask by itself is not enough. wear glasses or goggles to protect your eyes, and never touch the part that covers your mouth. When you’re done using it, sterilize it, let it dry completely (in the sun if you have access) to stave off any bacteria growth, and then store the mask in a clean, plastic, resealable container.
Help yourself and your community. You can make masks and donate to workers you come across or help people who are in need.

 In a time of mask shortages, it’s a “better than nothing” precaution if you need to move through a crowded space or take care of someone who is sick. Please follow instructions from your local authorities and remember that social distancing, washing our hands thoroughly, and staying home are still the best ways to protect yourself and your family from COVID-19.

#stay safe.

Is Pyar Ko Main Kya Naam Dun part -7

Next morning with swollen eyes Rahul woke up when rays of sun beamed on his face. He got up and he felt sorry whatever that happened last night between them. He reviewed every moment and the sweet memories flashbacked in front of his eyes. He got out of his bed searched Tania as usual she was not their. He thought she might have left for work , he went to the porch and looked outside “Is that what I wanted from this relationship , No! how I could be so cruel for my lady love” he was feeling guilty. The colourful future that they both had painted seemed to be washed away suddenly .

The day they decided to stay together he welcomed Tania with petals everywhere on floor. She was the lady with whom he had visioned his life.

He went inside and made a cup of strong tea for himself suddenly he saw a diary on the dinning table , It’s Tania’s diary she never wanted him to read , but…..

” I want to know why this happened? ” Rahul thought.

Rahul took the diary and flipped through pages…

March 15, 2019


I was sleeping, when the doorbell rang , oh ! Rahul made my day with fireworks and petal shower ,the air balloon … Everything was so amazing, I had never ever celebrated my birthday like this , My man, Rahul is amazing…He made my day. No one in the world can love me more than Rahul. He proposed me. I could see love in his eyes.
I have been attracted by his manly figure. But never imagined he will be mine some day.
He is so perfect. I love him too. We are in love..
I love him madly.❤

Rahul flipped some more pages..He was soaked in memories they had.

March 20,2019


Rahul and I became so close to each other , that I said yea for the munnar trip today, It was a bus ride and after years I think I have laughed so much with him, he makes me smile, he is doing whatever I want him to do. It ‘s amazing to be in love with him.

I love you madly.❤

Rahul went through her words which made him emotional. He came across the page where their first night was described …It just shivered his body..They were perfect for each other then what went wrong?” Rahul felt terrible.

June 2 nd, 2019


Things are not working out. I can see Rahul is loosing faith on me. I feel helpless. Although I cheer him I failed . He compromise, he has became so possessive , how can we live our life like this.

Today I have planned a surprise for him with Aniket , I have received his call letter for advanced studies in medicine , Australian university has approved his application. At Last his dreams are going to true. I will be with him, we both will move to Australia and I will reveal the surprise as soon as we reached there. Our gloomy days will over with new environment and endeavours.

I can’t say him why Iam going to Australia now, I have to arrange everything. Sorry Rahul. Don’t make frown faces, Although you look super cute with jealousy feeling….  I know I work alot , I do it to make a secure future for us.

I love you madly.❤

Rahul felt a heavy ball inside near his throat, how to swallow these facts.

His body trembled, how cruel he was to Tania….”why” goshhhh!!!! What I have done?” Rahul fell down on his knees cried aloud.

“How could I thought her disloyal, I made bad perceptions when she was doing so much for me”

He caught his forehead sat there flipping last page where Tanya wrote about how Rahul screamed and proved her disloyal. 

June 26th ,2019


Can’t say what happened ? Everything has finished. My loyalty is in doubt. Nothing in the world can fix trust. It’s the most important thing in love. Today my character and loyalty is in court of love , What I have done? Do I deserve this?

Iam pregnant…I thought I will disclose everything when we reach Australia but …..

I hope he will take good care of himself and look after everything. May he get a better life partner, I am sorry. I can’t handle and make him happy. Iam a looser.

I will miss him, his touch, his unplanned surprises, his gifts, his way of loving me. I will miss how he would picked me up in his arms and roam around the house , we cook together while making love….I will miss them all.

I will miss ” US” together….

Will try to live alone…No one can take his place.

Wish you a happy life my love.

Good bye.

Rahul found out the application. He was in tears.

“Please join Rahul” her words were quoted with a tag .

My love….Oh!! you are carrying our baby… My love, please come back !!!!

 He cried aloud ….Iam sorry….rry. Please come back…Forgive me Tanu..You are mine..How can I doubt you..Our child..O god!! What I have done?? I can never be happy without you dear, mere breathing doesn’t amount to happiness ..

Rahul stood mortified. Blank expression and blank mind. His inner self shattered. 

Memories are bottled up is this diary can they be cherished again…?? Rahul was clueless.. of their relationship….a lonely house with memories of Tania who was no more with him…He lost ….HER.

The End.

Is Pyar Ko Main Kya Naam Dun-6

She switched on the computer, to start some official work, and turned her music player on,  placed a record on the turntable. She was happy with the news that “she is pregnant” she wanted to give him a surprise.


“Hello Aniket! What’s up now?”

“Ma’am we need to hire someone to make a video clip on some basic informations that we need to share with our staff.” Aniket needed help for their recent project.

“So why don’t you try out, you are so good at it.”Tania said.

“’am but I need you for guidance, can you come ?” Aniket said.

Tania was thinking about it, just the bell door bell rang..courier boy gave her a letter which she received and signed in the recieving form. “Thanks” she smiled and closed the door.

It’s Rahul’s call letter Woahhhh!!!!!


Rahul came back, he saw the door was locked. He searched for the duplicate keys ” there it is” Rahul entered the house. It was all dark.

He switched on all lights and calledup Tania.


“Where are you?” Rahul questioned, ” You have not told me about your plans , I was in OT. I saw your missed calls now. You should have messaged.” 

“Oh! Rahul I was in a hurry, I forgot. Take out food from fridge , Aniket needed me so I planned to come here”. Tania said.

Suddenly Rahul got annoyed . Aniket !! Ahhaaa!!!! Again…So, you are with him. He simply cut the call. He took a bottle of water and furiously he finished it.
Rahul was possessive he didn’t like her girl to plan out any thing at this hour. Tanya again called back. “Rahul, please don’t get angry we are literally stuck….”

Rahul shouted back “Oh Tanu! You know I don’t like this guy then why? Look at the time, it’s late.” he shouted angrily.

” Aniket, I have to rush back, otherwise my plans will not work out.. Why these trust issues arises between partners, we both are busy and hardly had time for each other but he is so possessive, resistance to anything I do, whoever I meet.” She felt helpless as she was in love with this relationship and she carved for him.

Tanya came back and she tried to make things normal, things were changing at a tremendous pace. When they are living together now, these adjustments are causing conflicts and they are facing issues. 

“Don’t waste these precious moments babe” , Rahul held her hands..”Everything will be fine honey, don’t take me in the wrong way. Don’t shout if you do not know the problem”  Tania replied and served him a bowl of hot soup on the table. Arguments and altercations have made their relationship a bit painful. Which were unbearable for Tania, but she tried her best to resume with her normal life. Maybe some day “I hope everything will be alright”  she muttered to herself, while she cleaned the kitchen top and planned menu for the next morning.

She sat in the living room watching tv, thinking how she planned to share the news to Rahul but in this atmosphere she decided not to disclose about her pregnancy, why this has happened she got puzzled how to solve these issues.

One fine day, while searching through some certificates in the drawers, Rahul found out a mischievous packet. “What is this?”,  he opened the packet and saw tickets of Tanya and Aniket to Australia.

Oh shit! I knew, this is what I guessed. He was trembling with anger. His patience took the last breath” she didn’t informed me that Aniket was with her. The world was upside down for him at a glance. How come his love can do this.? What is that he lacked ? He got frustrated with the feeling that Tania ditched him….Is it??

Cuckoooo cuckookkk..(Door bell)

Tania came with all materials to start video editing work from home. 

“Hi Rahul ! How was your day? Did you eat something?” She took a glass of water and sipping from it asked “anything serious?” Rahul’s face was red and he was behaving differently. Tania became curious “what happened babe” she came and cupped his face , Rahul thew away her hands forcefully. 

“Where were you?…. You work with him, you eat with him …and..and…now you sleep with him too…He shouted in a rage. The moment he uttered this, Tania stood  stunned watching him. She was numb.
Rahul began to throw out all that came in his hand. It was unbearable for her she never expected this from Rahul, who was her everything and loved her more than anything. Time stopped. Rahul was screaming as she stood and listened to his allegations . Her eyes teared up. She picked up all the things which was lying around broken…Broken as her relationship..Her heart..Her heart was  crying aloud .. how this happened? She was torn and her heart scattered into pieces, she couldn’t sleep the whole night.

 She went outside and started gazing at the sky thinking “things were not working out. How can he say that I’am not loyal?” His words crushed her heart. She sobbed uncontrollably.

To be continued..part 7

Is Pyar Ko Main Kya Naam Dun -5

Two red lines. She opened another Pregacare. To check again. Again two firm red lines greeted her. There was no symptoms, how can this be? Tanya was at total whirlwind of emotions. Her heart beat sizzled. She thought that sheer exhaustion made her feel low. She came out from the washroom and searched for her mobile.She dailed Rahul’s number. It was switched off! “Pick up Rahul”, Tanya muttered. But to no avail. She took a deep breath. She told herself to calm down. But her mind revolted and repeated, “Tanya, you are pregnant!” she paced about the flat overlooking the Bandra bandstand. She had been sharing this flat with Rahul for a couple of months now. Since they came back from Munnar. She looked out of the balcony, the morning sun was shining harshly and the Arabian Sea was energetically splashing against the sea front. She took another deep breath and walked to the kitchen. She put the water on for coffee and called out to Alexa. “Play some romantic songs of Dev Anand!” Tania poured the black coffee. She sniffed the aroma and thought to herself how tactical everything seemed to be. When one had something to live for. She carried her coffee to the old stuffed armchair next to her window, sat down and looked outside the window. Equation change in all relationship, we are in live-in relationship. How to deal with this pregnancy now. As the caffeine hot her a sensation of happiness overtook her. She relaxed.  She thought about how they had spent thier days together, loving each other. She clinging to his chest, leaning against him and he caressing her body. She smiled thinking of their past two months. And then it struck her. The first time, in Munnar. They were in so much hurry that they didn’t bother with the protection. So that must have been the one! She reminisced about the evening on their first day in Munnar.  Rahul had come back from his conference early. It was still afternoon and the sun was lighting up the green hillsides of Munnar. They had quickly changed and went for a walk. A small path led to the nearest Tea garden. The mud path got narrower and narrower and were walking in a single file. Rahul ahead and behind him Tanya holding his hand firmly. It was looking like some Bollywood movie of the 70s. They met a few lady tea garden workers who were nimbly plucking the leaves and putting them in their basket. They smiled at this lovely couple and called out something in Tamil. Soon they were away from any sign of human life. It was only the vast tea gardens on the hill side. They sat on a rock. Holding each other’s hands. No words were need. They just soaked up the scenery. Suddenly both of them said together, “Never saw tea gardens before!” And they both said, “Bingo!” and started laughing. There reverie was broken by the sudden appearance of black clouds and thundering. They ran to the main road to escape the downpour. By the time they reached the tiny tea stall both of them were drenched, drips and drops of rains made them wet.. For a single moment the time stopped. They didn’t care the people around them. It was just …Rahul and Tanya. He pulled her into a tea stall.  “Tanu… you are the half that made me whole… You complete me”. The drops of rain dripping from her face were making her face looked pleasing. Rahul wiped her face and cheeks, ensuring not a single drop is left on her face.  There was hot chai brewing. The chaiwala smiled and offered them tea. As they sipped their tea, the chaiwala started telling about Munnar in broken Hindi. He talked about how the British built these tea gardens. He said there were wild elephants around. This seemed to scare Tanya. The downpour stopped as abruptly as it had begun. They made their way back to the hotel, completely soaked in rain. Soaked in emotions and love for each other. Rahul locked the door, “Do you know, Tanya, my mom used to say raindrops are happy tears of snow”, he smiled to her. Music of rain drops can still be heard from outside, Rahul asked her hand for a dance. “Love always comes with surprises” Tanya could smell his peppermint breath, as he was close to her.They both danced crazily around the room, suddenly Rahul lifted Tania “O uch!!!” Tania said. He roam around the room kissing her passionately. He nibbled her lips as she moaned.

” Oh! Tanu once more moan for me babe” Tania wrapped him by his neck and leaned her herself in his chest. Aahhh !!!! She groaned. “I can’t take it Tania, you are so beautiful, so divine, I want to taste every iota of yours. I want to suck every inch of your body, want to give you pleasure , I need your love Tanu you make me crazy”. Rahul bounced her body. Those wet hair which were lying on his hands were set to make him victim of love. The flashes of lightning shine against her face making her more adorable.  “Hey! Promise me you will be always mine, after this. I want you forever Rahul..” Tanya whispered huskily by his ears. She glared at him.

“I promise” Rahul softly kissed her eyes. She hid her face at the crook of his neck, liking the perfume he was smelling.They were closer and their adrenaline started pumping, heart beat increased. Rahul’s finger felt like fire upon her skin, “Pull me into your den Rahul ” Tanya whispered. Rahul licked her ear and he took her to bedroom, gently slipped her to the bed she caught a pillow next to her and covered her face with it, she was blushing.He nuzzled the hard nub through her sleeveless shirt, her white lacy leg bands was visible below her pants, her tight thighs were breathtaking. He pulled his shirt, and unbuckled his pant. He ws naked now. A strong and masculine man, he looked so wonderful, manly. She crawled onto him and brushed her thumb all over his body. He became wild. He ran his hands all over her bottom and down along her legs in one long caress.She sighed very softly. Her toes curled in pure ecstasy. She closed her eyes to feel the intense. His arms wrapped her and held her tightly, while both of them kissing. He rubbed hands on her back. His fingers stopped at her bra clip, and he tried to pulled away …”May I ?” He asked quitely, Tania shyly nodded slightly. He smiled and pressed his lips on her once again tasting her flavor all over again. He was so gentle and it ached her for wanting him more. They looked into each other’s eye, he undid the clasp and slipped her bra, He held her more tightly. They were so close their body sensation could be felt by each other. Her murmurs and moans made him crazier.  He slipped in between her legs, pressing himself harder this time on her. He growled deeply into her den. she allowed his hardness to go inside her deeper. She moaned loudly as she felt him. A cocoon of love encased their embraces as he smoothly entered her. They broke apart. All sweaty and exhausted. The candles flickered as the thunderstorms continued.  That night their body became one. And the shadows on the walls were a witness of their pure love. Silence was broken by their moans, groan of  desires. That night was really special. They reached climax. It was a like a fantasy. “You really make me happy my girl, you are so gorgeous babe..I’m so lucky to have you.” Rahul smiled. Tanya laid her head on his arms, cuddled him. A blush crept on her cheeks. “Goodnight my princess! I love you so much. Sweet dreams.”  Rahul kissed her forehead. It was like a dream, a dream that was too wonderful to wake up.

To be continued….part -6