Wishes: The Unending Chain

Every one has a wish or a dream. Wishes not only expand the thinking power but also creativity of an individual. And from childhood human wish , wish and wish more and more, unlimited wishes!
Every people have different wishes in life. For eg: For a doctor his ultimate wish is to cure all the patients in his hospital or clinic, a teacher wishes to give utmost knowledge to the child for a magician his wishes is to make all his tricks successful that night to make a grand show.A actor wishes to entertain people and be a charmer of the show.

I too have lots of wishes. We dream different with ages. When I was a small child I too wished of becoming a Barbie and roam into the fantastic world of Barbie,To play with all pink sets of Barbie .To meet Hansel and Gretel a stay with them in a house constructed of cakes , candies many more imaginable eateries. I wanted to go deep under the ocean with Ariel the mermaid and wanted to have sleek long hair like Rapunzel. I wanted to be beautiful snowhite and form friendship with seven dwarfs.I wanted to be a sleeping beauty and to wait for my adorable prince who will awaken me by his magical kiss.My list to do was endless and dreams were unlimited.

But as I grew up my wishes got a little change in them and slowly I forgot about the ocean and the blissful kiss At the age of 12 my wish was to have a powerful wand in my hand and finish Voldemort .To become fearless warrior and to be a hero of all’s eye.

My wish was to meet powderpuff girls and share their superpowers. I dreamt to going to Hogwarts to see all magical delights.
Not to forgot the witches apple in snow white and the pea under the princess mattress vasilisa the beautiful’s cabbage soup or Rapunzel’s salad and Pinocchio’s tripe.The lavish food land
In midst of my dreams and wishes I scribbled few lines when I was in my teens . Here I want to share with you one of my soul longing penned wishes…

Shimmering and shining in the night sky.
I wish I was the coconut palm,
With its head held up high.
I wish I was the pretty lark,
singing out her sweet melodious song.
I wish its voice were pretty enough,
to prove all dark and dreary things wrong.
I wish I was the Ganges or the Yamuna,
whose drops are as blissful as heavenly dew.
I wish I was the Mount Himalaya,
bravely shouldering the burden of Bharat Ma,
I wish I was the enchanting Dahlia,
that blooms in the garden and in one’s heart.
I wish I was the wide blue horizon itself,
with its wide all-encompassing bosom.

I wish it was wide enough,
to cover up man’s existing spiritual chasm.
I wish I was all this and more,
anything except the shadowy cloak,
to this mist, on my heart that I wore
I pine, I languish and I pray,
not this physical self to please,
But I pray, O Father! For spirit’s enlightenment,
and for the pure breath of peace.

Photo credit—https://goo.gl/images/7fyR1J


4 thoughts on “Wishes: The Unending Chain

  1. Probably, at a deeper level, if we brood over the evolution of the entire human civilization, it can be linked to “necessity”. This necessity, in turn was preceded by a “hope”- hope for betterment, hope for something else, etc.- which is a derivative of “wish”. It’s a wish which made man invent wheel, discover fire, create a language, and the rest is history. The article stirred up all these thoughts, and has an apt Title- Unending Chain. It made me recall my own journey of wishes, from being a Spider-Man to Sherlock Holmes. Let this chain continue… For spirit’s enlightenment, and for the pure breath of peace- as said in the poem.

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